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Original Photographs Inspire QuiltGem Cards®
by Melissa Carroll

Created by Lancaster, PA artist Melissa Carroll, QuiltGem Greeting Cards begin with her original fine art photograph of a gem, rock or mineral from the extensive collection of her late father, John M. Ward. By manipulating the mineral's colors, textures and natural shapes, the artist "stitches" portions of detail from the photograph to create the repeated, quilt-inspired design to create the final art for QuiltGem Cards.


Starburst Design

Mineral Photos at Right
Top to Bottom:
Blue Calcite, Orange Calcite, Realgar, Sulfer


Pectolite Design

Mineral Photo at Right


Linarite and Malachite Design

Mineral Photo at Right
Linarite and Malachite


Amethyst Design

Mineral Photo at Right


Kyanite and Mica Design

Mineral Photo at Right
Kyanite (Blue) and Mica (Dark)



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